Social Media Monsters

Yesterday I was visiting with someone that I attended high school with and we were talking about “kids these days”.  We were discussing the dreaded question, “If I could do it all over again…”.  The conclusion I would not want to do it all over again in today’s world.  Why? One reason… social media.

Social media changed everything for “kids these days”.  I think they face the same pressures that I faced 12 years ago when i graduated high school but they face more of it.  Pressure is in front of them 24/7.  If it’s not on their computer screen, it’s on their cell phone.

Like anything… social media has good points and bad points.  I have already listed a bad point… constant peer pressure.  But there are good points too.  Like using it to invite people to your next event (as long as it’s not an underage kegger).  You can even begin group pages for supporting people that need help in some way.

Social media has this unique way that it creates monsters inside of us. Jon Acuff from Stuff Christians Like yesterday gave a shout out toThe friend who assumes you’ve read every one of their tweets or Facebook status updates.” Great read, go check it out.  Today, I would like to add my own Social Media monster… the guy that begins a conversation with your tweet / status update assuming you know what he’s talking about.

Here’s how this may go…
Take one of my tweets from last night: “#Note2Self Ask mommy if she has given your 3 yr. old cough medicine, not your 3 yr. old. #HeLies” So then later today say that I run into someone that follows me on Twitter or Facebook and they say… “He’s just like you, you know?”….. HUH!?!?!?  They say, “Your 3 yr old,  Graham.  He lies like you do.”  Then it hits me…. OH YA I tweeted that he lied to me about his mom giving him medicine. Got it. I respond… “uh… ya, darn kids these days, can’t trust em.”

Are you a social media monster?
What is the most creative way you have used social media?
What is the most creative way that you have seen social media used?

Social Media Monsters

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