A Day of Gluttony

Paczki (pron. "poonch-key")

Mmmmmm… Donuts.  But not just any donuts… paczkis.  I was introduced to these delicious pastries when I lived in Michigan.  Paczkis, if you can’t tell by the name are polish.  The polish population is abundant in Michigan to say the least.  Just ask Tim the tool man Taylor about the polish food in Hamtramck, but don’t ask my wife. She had a bad experience once.
Pacskis are special.  They only appear once a year. Fat Tuesday. The day before Ash Wednesday signifying the beginning of the Lent season.  Fat Tuesday is also the day we celebrate Mardi Gras… a day of gluttony.

I don’t know why but gluttony is not something that many churches talk about anymore.  Oh we talk about narcissism or selfishness but we neglect to mention gluttony or over consumption.  Craig Gross and Jason Harper in their book “Jesus Loves Your this I know” define gluttony as, “seeking more and more to fulfill the voids of life.”  Gluttony is not just about food.  It’s about everything. Sex. Work. Possessions. Anything that you are using in your life to fulfill a void that you cannot get enough of.  That is gluttony.

It has always amazed me… the Day of Gluttony aka Mardi Gras takes place right before the “Holy Season” we call Lent.  This is whack. Messed up. Off base. Wrong. However you want to put it?  Our lives should be a “Holy Season”.  We should celebrate Jesus Christ daily.  Our neglect to live like Christ daily is what turns people off to Him. That’s not authentic. People starve for authenticity. We think that we can celebrate Christ for “a season” and attract people to His Kingdom.  Christ came to fulfill the daily voids in our life. Let’s live for Him today… not just a season.

Do you have a consumption problem?  How can we help?



A Day of Gluttony

3 thoughts on “A Day of Gluttony

  1. Awesome stuff. Although I’m not sure how I’m suppose to feel about Paczkis now. Kinda sounds like you’re knocking them…and now I really want them. Probably not wise considering I’m making the second Pioneer Woman meal this week! How does that woman not weigh 800 lbs with her love of butter and all things fried!?

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