A Tribute to…

left to right: Ray Jackson, Chris Webber, JuWan Howard, Jalen Rose, and Jimmy King

The Fab Five.  I thought that today would be an appropriate day to pay tribute to the greatest recruiting class ever put together in college basketball… The Fab Five.  What? Did you think this blog was always about inspiration, ministry, family, and service?  My apologies if you feel misled.  But please don’t turn me off… you may be surprised what you could get out of this. I’m a huge sports fan and to be honest a lot of my Saturdays are dedicated to family time and sports… unfortunately not always in that order.  That is something that I am working on.  The older I get the more I realize there are many things more important than sports.

Back to today’s topic… when I was in the 8th grade I had an infatuation.  The object of my infatuation… black socks… black shoes… baggy shorts…. trash talk…. and swagger.  The very things that made the Fab Five who they were.  They went on to play in two NCAA championships losing to both Duke and North Carolina.  I remember the North Carolina game vividly.  I watched it in the living room of my Grandma Herald’s house in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It ended in heart break. Turns out it would have ended in heart break eventually after The University of Michigan was found guilty for recruiting violations.  An event that would send the entire basketball program into a tailspin.

But today marks a new beginning.  Today, the University of Michigan Wolverines basketball team beat the Michigan State University Spartans for the second time this season.  A series sweep had not been done since the 1996-1997 season.  Not to mention the coach of the Fab Five, Steve Fischer is coaching a top 10 program this season at San Diego State University. Good for Coach Fischer.  Now if he could only beat BYU!

I remember the early 90’s.  Kids had Nike swooshes shaved in their heads.  The shorts got baggier and black socks with black shoes (Charles Barkley’s Nike Air Max to be exact) became stylish.  I like to think the Fab Five had something to do with that.  Which makes me think about how much we rub off on other people.  The every day fads that we start in our own lives.  I want to leave you pondering two things today…  Who are you influencing?  What fads are you starting by the way you live?  I hope it’s more important than the style of shorts and shoes they are wearing.

Be sure to tune into ESPN’s 30 for 30 tribute to the Fab Five March 13th 9 pm EST. My DVR is set.


A Tribute to…

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