Chillin with Old Folks

For lunch today I went over to the smorgasbord at KFC with a dear friend of mine… his name is Leigh.

I love hanging out with Leigh.  Here is a video that reminds me of Leigh to an  certain extent at least…

I love hanging out with elderly folks. One reason is the absence of a verbal filter.  Cracks me up.  Some of the things elderly folks can say and get away with… I wish I could.

Leigh is one of my heros.  He’s 88 years old.  His wife passed away last year.  He’s holding up pretty good.  Better than I would if I were in his situation.  He inspires me.  He pushes me to work hard.  He pushes me to love others.  He’s put in precious time for the Kingdom of God.  I would sit around and talk about the Gather Vocal Band with him all day. If I show up to church on Sunday without a tie on, the first thing he says …. “Boy, where’s your necktie?”  That’s okay… he’s earned that right.

Tom Brokaw called Leigh’s generation the greatest.  I think he was right.  We have so much we can learn from them.  That is why I soak up every minute I can with guys like Leigh.

What memories do you have of chillin with old folks?
Or what stories have they told you that you can share with us?



Chillin with Old Folks

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