Knowing is Relieving

If you have followed my twitter feed or my facebook page or know me personally then you may know that today I went to the dentist. In fact, I went to the dentist for the first time in 7 years. Ya…. I know…. epic fail.

In honor of going to the dentist today I thought I should post a video…
No, it’s not David after the dentist…
It’s Bieber after the dentist….

Let’s face it… any time I can find an excuse to post something with Justin Bieber in it… my blog ratings sky rocket.

The question is… what did the dentist say?  Well… let’s just say she liked me so much she wants me to come back two more times.  But first I need to get more antibiotics for my bicuspid aoritc valve condition. Just to be safe. But now… I know… and knowing what’s going on… is a relief.

Do you have the need for relief in your life?  If so…. how can we help?  How can we pray?

Knowing is Relieving

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