The Death of a Minivan

I couldn’t let Steven Furtick have the microphone all day.  He’s gotten plenty of attention with his amazing book “Sun Stand Still”.  I plan on writing a book review of that once I finish the remaining 30 pages. But I think I’m procrastinating that.

So last night my family and I went out to get some ice cream.  The kids earned it. On our way home the odometer read “99,994 miles”.  I teased my wife that I was going to drive the last 6 miles to reach the dreaded 100,000 mile mark. She freaked. She wanted to be the one to reach this milestone (pun intended).

She did (obtained via twitpic)…
<——– You’re welcome,  babe.  Congratulations, we did it.  Now what?

I’ll tell you what… new tires, we fix that awful squeaking noise that it makes, probably needs an oil change, and I’m sure a nice detail wouldn’t hurt.  Go us!  By the way… these are all things that we probably should not procrastinate any longer.  My father-in-law would kill us.  Well… we could probably put off that detail.


We look forward to the day that we can afford a new whip (slang for vehicle).  Tanya’s already picked it out.  When she graduates… she will have earned it.  Just like the kids earned their ice cream.

Having goals is a good thing.  What are you working towards?



The Death of a Minivan

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