Mishap Monday

We all make mistakes.  Here’s one that the whole country is talking about this morning….

At least for the male cheerleader’s sake Louisville won the game.  Here’s what coach Rick Pitino had to say about it..
“The male cheerleader is coming to an end,” Louisville coach Rick Pitino joked to start his postgame press conference. “It was good while it lasted. It was fun. Now we’ll try another sport for him.”
“No, I’m sure it was unintentional, but you could actually lose a game that way,” Pitino added once the laughter subsided. “Hopefully he’ll learn the rules of basketball next time.”

Ouch pretty harsh. Don’t you think coach?  Especially considering the mishaps you’ve had.

Audio Adrenaline put it like this…
The mistakes I’ve made
That caused pain
I could have done without
Oceans Floor

We all have mishaps that we all could do without.  Thank goodness our mistakes aren’t on national television.  Especially our mistakes from college.

Any mistakes you’ve learned from recently that you would like to share?

Mishap Monday

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