Secret Places

I guess I’m considered a world traveler.  My passport that expires next year has 4 continents represented on it.  An achievement that I am somewhat proud of.

In my travels I have a few places that as soon as my foot hit the dust it traveled up my leg and hit me square in the chest. Forever I will have a special place in my heart for these secret places.  Today I want to introduce you to one of those places…

Lar Efrata Ophanage

This is Lar Efrata (Portuguese for House of Bread). Located just outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  This is one of my secret places forever tucked inside my heart.  Regardless of if I ever make it back.  The 10 days that I spent there changed my life forever.  Here is one reason why…

The Gift

This is a picture of a puppy dog beanie baby that sits under the Brazilian flag in my office.  This puppy was a gift that I will cherish for a lifetime because one of the orphans at Lar Efrata gave it to me.  We went to be a blessing to them, turns out they were a blessing to us.

This was roughly 6 years ago.  It still speaks to my soul today.  I hope it speaks to yours.   Secret Places are not meant to be kept secret.  They’re meant to be shared with those you love.

Where’s your secret place?

PS- This post is a result of Betty Purcell sharing her secret place in Ethiopia with us this past Sunday night.  Thanks Betty! You’ve given me an itch that I’m terrified of what will make it disappear.

Secret Places

3 thoughts on “Secret Places

  1. Tony Rosa says:

    Hi Adan I loved to see the Orphanage in this pic,espeacilly to Know is it in your heart.
    I worked there for 18 years,and is a special place for me too.
    I hope to see you Again.


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