I’ve Got This Dream…

I promise we won’t celebrate our birthday every week on this blog.  Last week I posted “After a Week of Blogging” to celebrate being one week old.  Today is a different celebration.  Today is not just celebrating 2 weeks of blogging but today is celebrating 1,000 views.  I have no clue how good or bad that is.  I’m just psyched that in 2 weeks, I’ve had 1,000 hits to this blog.

What's on your bucket list?

I’ve got this dream.  Speak to 1,000 people in one place at one time.  It’s an item on my bucket list. I realize 1,000 people really isn’t all that many.  I’ve had friends that have done it.   I don’t know why 1,000 is the number, it just is.  In one sense, I feel as if I have accomplished that today.  Although when I pictured how it would happen, I didn’t picture it happening through a blog.  I’m not crossing this item off my list quite yet. However, I think I am adding another item… reach 1,000 subscribers on my blog.  That would be awesome.
What’s on your list?

PS- I would like to thank “My Little Hero” for boosting my total views this week. Her story is a big draw to my blog. She continues to inspire us all.

I’ve Got This Dream…

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