My little hero…

I realize the term hero is a term not to be thrown around lightly.  We have people that we look up to and then we have heroes.  Today, I would like to introduce you to one of my heroes.  I’m not talking about a hero like Barry Sanders was my hero when I was 13 years old or even how Alan Trammel was my hero when I was 10.  I’m talking about someone who inspires me to be more like them.

Her name is Adelyn.  She is a princess and a fighter.  She works harder than any other person I know.  She is 15 months old.  The video above tells a little  bit of her story.

If only I had a little more of what Adelyn’s got?  I would work harder. I would be more determined. I would not get discouraged as easily.  I would be more confident in God’s plan for my life.  I would have faith that could move mountains.  I would be used by God to touch the lives of others daily.

Adelyn is our inspiration.  Our inspiration to keep moving forward.  She inspires us to see the good in everyone.  She inspires us to have hope, courage, and optimism.  We love her and we praise God for using her to touch our souls.

Who is your hero?   How do they inspire you?


My little hero…

7 thoughts on “My little hero…

  1. Kyle Rose says:


    Thank you so much for all the support and love that you have shown my family and especially Addy! You, Tanya and the kids are truly special to us and we are very grateful that God has placed you all in our lives. Addy is most definitely the definition of a fighter. Although she complains sometimes, she still does everything with her trademark smile. We continue to pray for healing for Adelyn and we know what an awesome God we serve. Thank you for telling her story and I hope that others, like her, have someone like you to tell theirs. Thanks again buddy!!!

    Adelyn’s Dad

  2. Scherrie Medina says:

    You have my heart….the need to get this little sweet babies story out to the masses!!!

    What an awesome video, I love it!!
    Adelyn will forever be my hero…because there is nothing I could ever do to show God’s mercy, grace, and love…the way that she does every single day!
    The Medina’s

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