Love and Baseball

I have this picture that hangs in my office (see above) of a baseball with lipstick on it. Just about every time my son Graham walks into my office and sees this picture he asks “Why did Mommy kiss that baseball?”  My response is always, “Well, because she loves me.”

That is my response on most days.  But most days aren’t Valentines Day. If anyone asks me today why, mommy kissed the baseball my response would be, “well because pitchers and catchers report to spring training today and it’s Valentines Day.”  If you ask me, today is a very appropriate day for this to take place.  Who doesn’t love baseball?  Okay… don’t answer that.

On this Valentines Day, I realize love is a very broad term.  In America we just don’t seem to grasp the full meaning of love because of set backs in the English language.  I mean, I love my wife AND I love baseball?  Not to mention my love for steak and sea food.  This is why in the Greek language there are as many as five different terms for love.

On this day of love or dia de amor as I like to call it,  if you are married or if you are single.

What/who do you love?

Please feel free to use it in every sense of the word.

Love and Baseball

2 thoughts on “Love and Baseball

  1. Mommy kisses the baseball because she loves you. Not baseball. That is true. She does however love baseball food, but not like she loves you. Or her babies, which will always be her babies. No matter how old they get, or how many times they fill their sneakers up at the bubbler for a drink. They’re weird because we made them and they’re ours. And I love that….but not as much as I love you, or them….because its a different type of love.

    And now that that circle of a comment is over, I vote we develop several words for love like those smarty pants greeks. Loving baseball food, God, my glue gun, my children, coffee, and my husband shouldn’t all use the same verb.

  2. Mom says:

    Well, I love you, your beautiful talented wife and the amazing grandchildren you gave me.
    But, I love you dad more than all of you put together.
    I hope you and your family has an awesome Valentines Day.
    Love you more!

    PS; don’t be so hard on G for using his shoe at the drinking fountain. He was just taking after his parents and being creative….he was thirsty, no one was around to help, he didn’t have a cup, so why shouldn’t he use his shoe??? Smart kid, if you ask me.

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