Family Fun Night

My wife says it’s a blogging sin to not post media in a post. I haven’t asked her all the “thou shalt not’s” that go along with that. However, in this post the only media that you will be getting is a shout out to my man, Carlos Whittaker over at

My church has this annual event called Family Fun Night and tonight is the night it goes down. We’ll have basketball, volleyball, inflatables, Bible trivia, and the all important chili cook off. It’s oodles and oodles of family fun. I have two questions:

1- What are some obstacles that your family faces in having a weekly family night?

2- What’s your favorite family fun night that you have done as a family?

If you need inspiration, jump on over to Ragamuffinsoul and check out what Los and Heather recently did for a Family Night. I think you will find that family night doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it doesn’t have to be elaborate, all that matters is that you spend time together.

Stop procrastinating time with your family.  As you celebrate Valentine’s Day this week, remember the whole family.


Family Fun Night

3 thoughts on “Family Fun Night

  1. Matthew Breeden says:

    Hey Adam. I’ve been reading, but have kept putting off leaving a comment. Today I stopped procrastinating : ) Good stuff man, I appreciate your encouragement.

  2. Mark Purcell says:

    You, a procrastinator? Who’d a thunk it? I will be reading with interest when I get around tuit. And I doubt if there is anyone that doesn’t suffer with doubt about their faith, about there decisions, about their actions. You ain’t alone man.

  3. Karen Watson says:

    Hey, Adam,just heard about this site. and I was not procrastinating about sending this.Looking forward to your sermon tomorrow.

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