The Birth of A Blog

In the “About” section I mention that Procrastinating Tomorrow was not my first choice for this blog.  My first choice was, “Always Tomorrow” based on the saying “All diets start tomorrow” or “I’ll start exercising tomorrow” (I think you get the picture).
The birth of this blog began like any other blog, checking the availability of the desired url.  As I began to look for the right blogging platform I was noticing “alwaystomorrow” was always taken. My favorite “alwaystomorrow” blog was the one that had one post that started in 2003.  The sure sign of a procrastinator.  Welcome to The Procrastinator’s Blog for today.  A community of people that want to start living for the here and now. I hope and pray that this blog isn’t just the beginning of a blog but the beginning of a community.


The Birth of A Blog

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